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O6u University

The October 6 University is the first private university in the Arab Republic of Egypt. O6U is instituted by the Republican Decree number 243 1996.


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КОД IATA: U6 КОД ICAO: SVR ГОД ОСНОВАНИЯ: 1996 БАЗОВЫЙ АЭРОПОРТ: Кольцово. ТОЧНОСТЬ (вылет): 47,67 (ср. опоздание, мин) ТОЧНОСТЬ (прилет): 44,83 (ср. опоздание, мин) НАДЕЖНОСТЬ: 0,00 (кол-во отмен

6U VPX (VITA 46) Form Factor | 6U VPX Architecture, Products

The 3U form factor is commonly touted as the format of choice for high bandwidth applications that must work within the constraints of SWaP (size, weight and power) considerations; however, in some such cases the 6U form factor of VPX may be the answer and actually take up less space.

6U - Wikipedia

6U or 6-U may refer to: IATA code for Air Ukraine. One of the possible sizes of a rack unit, 10.50-inches (266.70mm) nominal. See rack mount. PW-6U, a model of Politechnika Warszawska PW-6. RG-6/U coaxial cable; see RG-6. 6U, a model of Zenit (satellite). HY-6U, a model of Xian H-6.

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